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The Bravest Choice Is To Be Yourself

I saw this film, “Two Spirits,” last night on the Independent Lens program on my PBS station.  The story is about the cruel murder of a young Navajo person,  of mixed gender, a “natle” named Fred Martinez. I knew it would rip out my heart, but I seem to need to hear the stories of brave people who dare to be exactly who they are. I must feel somewhere in me, that being myself is such a scary thought. What if people don’t like the real me? I also have a deep appreciation of other people like myself that are sensitive. We FEEL. We feel everything. We feel more with our skin, we hear more high frequencies with our ears, we smell things, we taste more, colors and shapes are vivid… I think mixed gender people end up like THAT; sensitive people born into a world that wants to make us conform. If they would just let us be us what a more beautiful world this would be.

This film has won several awards.



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