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Anyone can make a movie?

A few weeks ago I saw an interview with Ed Burns. I don’t remember who interviewed him. The only thing I remember was his saying that all he used was a $2800 camera and his movie cost a total of $10,000 to make. Actually… I just found a link to an interview. I will post it! VERY thought provoking!


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Musical on film: “Company”

The Cinemark Theater on the Plaza in Kansas City had “an event,” which apparently is done throughout the country. There are special showings of events like sporting events, concerts, and… stage shows! For $19.95, I purchased my event ticket online via a route advertised on a theater promotion website.  My desire was to see”Company”, whose cast consisted of several incredible performers with Neil Patrick Harris as the lead, Bobby.

This format of delivery for a live musical wasn’t too bad. From several angles, we see the stage, the orchestra and a little of the audience. I loved that I was able to see the actors faces close up and didn’t miss any nuances in their performances. I didn’t catch all the angles at the same time obviously, but in the nosebleed section I would have missed alot, too. The audio was good, but somehow I think an even better sound could have been replicated in this theater.  I know I truly missed out on the excitement of the live perfomance and this show aroused that desire (which I already had) to just go see a live production.

In a nutshell, the musical consists of vignettes of Bobby’s thoughts while he ponders about being single vs. the possibility of a real relationship/marriage, while he is turning 35. Five couples who are his closest friends all give advice in some form or another. He gleens tidbits of what marriage is all about from them and digests it. The Stephen Sondheim scores and thought provoking lyrics had the audience laughing and crying. Title “Company” refers to having someone keep him company in his life as he decides to LIVE life and choose to have that close relationship.

Now that this new way of seeing a “live” show is available, I’m likely to see more.

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“Making Movies”

Director Sidney Lumet (“Serpico”, “Network”, and about 50 other films) died last week of lymphoma at the the age of 86. I just heard about the book he wrote in 1996, “Making Movies”. It sounds fascinating but very technical. Have you read this book? Fabulous or boring? Please let us know!

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