About Us

Susan says:

I’m just a Plain Jane that enjoys “the movies.” I love the excitement that builds up to the Academy Awards. It’s my sporting event. I pick who I think are the winners and I root for my “team.” I’m interested in the lesser known short films and documentaries and look forward to self-educating on them and reviewing them. I have free cable, all the premium channels, Indieplex, Flix, Retroplex, and on and on. Now is the time to take advantage it. I also have some great theaters near me, the Dickinson Palazzo, the Glennwood Arts Theater which is part of the Fine Arts Theater group of cinemas, and since AMC’s headquarters is nearby, I feel I’m patronizing a local business every time I walk into one of their gi-normous facilities. So where’s the popcorn?



Kathryn says:

Kathryn & Susan, Academy Awards night, Feb. 27, 2011

 I’m a slobbering Netflix fan. I believe in the power of movies (cinema, films, talkies, whatever) to transform, redeem, bless, transport, heal and entertain. I’m most interested in how movies open dialogs, connect us and move the needle of our development as individuals and groups.  I believe the discussions a movie starts are more important than how much it made at the box office or who was first in the credits. But sometimes that’s important too!  Sometimes it’s just fun following the career of a screenwriter (Charlie Kaufman I’m looking at you), actor or director.  Movies where Detroit figures prominently (Dream Girls, Robocop, Coraline) find my soft spot – I grew up there during the Motown years and it sticks in your heart.













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