“The Adjustment Bureau” Needs No Adjusting


The Adjustment Bureau

If a movie stays with you hours later or days later, it had to be, not just good, but great. “The Adjustment Bureau” was THAT kind of movie.  It had romance, action, suspense, and a deeply thought-provoking premise.  It was for EVERYBODY.  I dare to say, it will get a Peoples’ Choice award for sure.  I chose to see it based on the “Yahoo Users” rating of an “A”, and I’m sorry, but those users are right a LOT of the time!  Critics…not so much.  I could never be a critic.  *cheesy smile*

Matt Damon plays the young politician, David Norris, who is on the road to a successful career in politics when he has a, seemingly, chance encounter with a ballet dancer, Elise, played by Emily Blunt.  She is beautiful, witty, and charming AND has a soft British accent. David starts to fall in love with her.  Heck, we ALL do. She is great.  I’m hearing the roar of take-off in Emily’s acting career right NOW.  David is, sexy, smart and driven to succeed. We (us and Elise) love him because he has a NYC bad-boy side to him that is volatile, too.  The scenes take place in New York City.  This had a personal appeal to me, as I recognized parts of the city, and I believe I even rode the same ferry across the Hudson River as they did in one scene. I was captivated and on the edge of my seat. Not literally. I was comfy in my theater seat, with just a Diet Coke, truth be told.

Angels dressed like businessmen, show up to intervene in their lives. The couple is unknowingly changing history that is not supposed to happen that way and “adjustments” have to be made… to put back on track, the future that was written by the “Boss”. They reveal this to David to convince him to choose what is “best” for the world over true love.  Only one angel is on David’s side, Harry, played by Anthony Mackie.  Harry helps David unite with Elise, against the opposition’s orders.  We cheer them on as David has to rush to find Elise and go to THE ONE, who wrote the history book, with the hope of getting it re-written. We see Matt Damon once again running in an action scene like we love to see him do, yet this time it seems it’s for a better cause…for love.

This movie will make you second guess every action in your life, when you start to think how history can change with one small incident. It drives home the butterfly effect, and you will not forget its message.


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